Hunters and Fisherman

Fall and Meat is around the Corner

As fall and hunting season approaches please remember “Hoo” Haven.  This has been a very hard year for all wildlife with the rain and flooding and we have taken in around 1000 animals and birds. 
We use Venison, fish, beef, chicken and turkey.  Also remember we give receipts to be used for your taxes if you desire this.  We believe in win/win.
It was also brought to my attention that many get turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas and if you really are not in need “Hoo” haven can use them.  At any given time this year we have had over 55 birds of prey to feed, not including all other mammals.
I would like to take a minute to thank all of you.  As you all know God owns “Hoo” and allows myself, Steven and all our faithful volunteers the privilege of running it, but this cannot be done alone.  Whether it is a monetary donation or a much needed supply we are grateful for all and you are part of the solution.
God Bless everyone and thank you for the help.

Karen, Director
“Hoo” Haven


Please be careful with hooks. This came out of the mouth of a young duck. She is doing ok. She is one of the lucky ones


Set Line Fishing

If anyone has ever seen the end result of something getting caught that should not be on a "set Line" you would never do it again.
First of all if you are going fishing without being there, it defeats half or more of the purpose. There is no talent, patient and it has nothing to do with sportsman ship. It is lazy and unmonitored.
We have had brought to us owls, hawk, great blue herons who are fishing, they are using their talents God gave them caught in them.
They are ripped open, damaged and in a great deal of pain. I know there will be some people out there that state "big deal".
To me hunting and fishing should be a sport. You work on your talents, have patience to wait and then follow your quandary until it is done and dead.
Let us go back to sportsmanship, being proud of what you accomplish. Let's educate people there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Fishing by using Set Lines is the "wrong" way.

Hoo Haven