Ruffles Update














Steven and I are very honored at being Nominated for The "Spirt Of Caring" Award. There are many people that make "Hoo" Possible and we do know that.
Mr. Greg Baker of Baker Studio came out because of this honor and took pictures. Below you will see a small portion of the beautiful work that he did and allowed us to put on the web page. Thank you Greg.
Also I hope everyone takes time to visit Northern Leaf Imaging on 4801 Boeing Dr. Rockford, IL. There you will see exhibited a phenomenal series of Ruffles as her head changes from dark brown to her majestic white. This is an unusual series. He also has other pictures that you will find awesome. The photographer is Brad Nordloff and his number is 494-1134. May you go and enjoy.
There is so much beauty out there am I am so grateful there are many individuals to capture moments for us.
As you all know Ruffles and I have been a team for Two years. She is truly a blessing from God and all that get to see her are captivated by her beauty, size, power and true Eagle Personality. As I write this she has taken a bath in the pond and is now sunning herself though it is 55 degrees.
She teaches me new things each day from patience to her playfulness to how very inquisitive she is. Thank you God for allowing us to let the world share her.

As you can tell Ruffles is progressing nicely with her programs. She now does on site programs here at "Hoo' and she is really magnificent. Everyone is awed by her power, majesty and size. God has truly blessed us.

She shows her beauty along with her spirit that matches the country she stands for THE USA. She is starting to change colors and the white is coming through on her head and tail. The beak that was once totally dark is now starting to change golden in the corners.

We go on enrichment walks which her and I both love. If you would like a tour you need to call so a date and time may be set up.