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“Hoo” Haven is dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing, sick, injured and orphaned, North American Wildlife. And to educating individuals to the importance of the conservation of Mother Earth, to maintain the land, clean and beautiful for all.

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Captain Jack” from FM96.7 the Eagle Radio Station will be our MC at the Wine Tasting Event for “Hoo” Haven on April 6th for all to meet “Captain Jack”  The Bald Eagle.  Come and enjoy…………



Open House November 2016

To all who came and enjoyed thank you.  We had between 800-1000 individuals.  Everyone loved the chili (we ran out), apples, homemade cookies, popcorn, Carmel corn and more.   

As with any celebration we had some glitches.  The gentleman who was going to do our fire had a very sick dog and could not make it.   We understand.

The face painting girls ran late but will be there next year on time as they were one of the hits. 

A fantastic donation of “Bradford Plates” came in from an elderly lady who wanted them used to help raise funds and they are beautiful.  Many went but there are a few left.  Of course they are all animals. 

We raised $2700 thanks to all who came and gave, bought and gave more generously.  We are very grateful.  Licorice the Silver Fox is doing great from her surgery at UW and will be going back out today.  The stay was $1500 so we are grateful

It takes a lot of people, time and money to make “Hoo” Haven the Best it can be.

I was told many of you took the River Walk which is beautiful this year and also saw Eli’s Eagle Project.  It is a Tracking Area where we can see what comes in for water, food and more.  It is beautiful and it is the only one of its kind in our area.   Good Job Eli.

If you were unable to come to our open house this year put it on your calendar for next.  It is always the First Sunday of November from 1pm to 4pm.  Next year will have more. See more pictures below.

See you next year.

Karen, Director, “Hoo” Haven





eagle-1s   hawk

WE have had 3 Eagles, 6 Great Horned Owls and Hawks brought in the last 8 Days.
Help us feed them, click on the Eagle above and donate to help us cover the feed and Vet bills for the birds and mammals brought in daily.


Tuesday through Saturday at 11:00 AM, starting May 1 till September.

We ask that you are 5 minutes early to get registered. Adults are $10 and children under 12 are free.
The tour takes about 1 hour. It is fun and informative.

We like if you ask lots of questions and all tours end up in the “Gift Shop” Gazebo where if you would like to purchase items made only for “Hoo” Haven and donated to us you can. As all of you know 100% of all goes to the care and feeding of the wildlife.
Thank You

See you at a Tour.




.A Loon taking advantage of Hoo Havens Aquatic Area.


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Eagle Scout

Here is Calab Benson and his grandfather Charels.  Calab did a great job on his Eagle Scout Project.  We now have a map of "Hoo" and all the buildings have signs.  He and his grandfather did a great job.

He is from Troop 23.

Great Job.